Welcome to the BITToken Club!

The BITToken is for YOU! It is designed to reward members every crypto-community for their contribution and participation in to the crypto space. 

ERC 20 Token

Community Driven

Evolving Roadmap

Dynamic Rewards

Let’s talk about you. 

You like, subscribe, and comment on crypto content


You join all of the channels and groups.


You dig for the gems.


You are always looking for the next big thing


If any of these things apply to you, or even if you’re new to the vast landscape of cryptocurrency, get ready to be rewarded for your unwavering support!
The BITToken is designed to reward token holders in fun and interesting ways. The crypto niche is always expanding and BITT will be a bridge that brings supporters of different projects together. 

It will be the native currency for any community that adopts it and there will be big incentives to hold, stake, and spend with BITT. 

Club members will receive discounts for holding BITT, airdrops for participating in social groups and engaging with BITT platforms, NFTs with unique utility, and even utility in the SANDBOX game. 

 BITT brings value to the crypto populous as a whole by creating a fun and rewarding environment for everyone who participates. It closes the gap between hardcore crypto-heads and new disciples. Crypto is full of FUD and deceit, but BITT is a giving token that seeks to level the playing field and reward active community members.

What are you waiting for? Join the Club!


The landscape of decentralized trading is filled with heroes and villains. How do traders navigate the dangerous landscape and ensure they are trading on the protocols that possess the healthiest liquidity?

The Villain – DEX protocols do not offer cross-platform transparency when it comes to price impact, liquidity pools, and slippage tolerance.

The Hero – Bitswap’s DEX aggregator.

With, trading cryptocurrencies is profitable and straightforward. The aggregator scours over 14 DEX protocols simultaneously to find the best price with the healthiest liquidity, all with an easy to use Uniswap-style interface. The platform also features a "Buy with fiat" option, so you can purchase and add ETH directly to your wallet! The BitSwap aggregator is the first BITToken platform in a toolbelt of advanced, decentralized tools that will keep decentralized traders safe and informed.

Users who are familiar with swap sites will feel right at home when they see the interface. Just connect your wallet, select your tokens, and hit ‘swap’! Behind the scenes, the BitSwap dex is rapidly scanning over 14 DEX protocols including 0x, Balancer, Bancor, Curve, Kyber, Mooniswap, Uniswap, and more. BitSwap always picks whichever DEX hosts the best price and liquidity to execute the swap. The result is that traders will end up with more tokens for their trade. Guaranteed.

By holding at least 2,500 BITTokens, users will receive a 90% DISCOUNT ON FEES. Holders will only pay 0.01% IN FEES FOR EVERY TRADE
Click HERE to try the BitSwap DEX aggregator NOW!

Join The BITT Community

Communities in crypto come and go. Many projects ride a hype wave and then slowly dissolve leaving a trail of broken dreams behind them. BITT is the perfect way to reward supporters of your project and keep them active and engaged. By using BITT in Discord and Telegram, communities can flourish by enjoying airdrops, games, and more! Use BITT as your native currency to give supporters platform discounts and exclusive features! Once you have adopted BITT into your group, you can use it however you want to pursue continued success. Drop us a line and let us make it rain BITT in YOUR community!