Welcome to the club Bitsquad! The BITT token is for YOU! The Bitsquad is the first community to implement BITT as its native currency. The primary purpose of the token is to reward loyal members and new recruits of the Bitsquad community for their support of the BitBoy Crypto universe. You like money. You never miss a video. You like, subscribe, and comment. You join all of the channels and groups. You follow the gem picks. You own all of the BitBoy cards and collectibles. If you are a die-hard member of the Bitsquad, or even if you are a new recruit, get ready to be rewarded for your support!

The BITT token is unique because it will offer valuable utility for everything BitBoy Crypto. Holders will be eligible for discounted subscriptions, lower fees on, airdrops, unique NFT interactions, and exclusive shares of the BITT token estate in the SANDBOX game. This is just the beginning of the BITT token project. With each new development in cryptocurrency and by extension, BitBoy Crypto, BITT will be dynamically attuned to the hottest trends. We’re glad you are here and we can’t wait for you to start using the BITT!

The BITT token made to be used in fun and interesting ways that benefit the communities that use it. The BitBoy Crypto universe is always expanding and BITT will be an instrumental part of its development. It will be the native currency for everything BitBoy and there will be incentives to hold, stake, and spend with BITT. Club members will get exclusive perks just for holding BITT. This includes discounts on subscriptions, airdrops for contributing to social groups like the BitBoy lab, unique NFTs with dynamic rewards and utility, and even use-cases involving the BITT token and Bitsquad estates within SANDBOX.

The BITT project is excited to have the Bitsquad as its first community and will prioritize giving back to one of the best communities in cryptocurrency. You guys have done so much for space and now it’s time for you to sit back, get rewarded for your contributions, and enjoy yourselves! Be sure to visit our site often because the BITT token will be continually evolving with the ever-changing crypto ecosystem. We know you'll love everything we're cooking up for the BITT token, so what are you waiting for?! Join the club!

Be sure to join all of the Bitsquad communities and stay up to date on the latest news so you don’t get a case of the Bitboy FOMO!

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